ANA’s Workgroup on Health Effects of Racism & Social Status in Brain Disease

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ANA's Workgroup on Health Effects of Racism and Social Status on Neurological Disease

Following the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests and movements, the American Neurological Association (ANA) leadership conceptualized the IDEAS task force in 2020 to promote and implement actionable steps related to equity and inclusion.

The George Floyd case reinforced the need to counter racism and to promote equity. The IDEAS task force was chaired by Dr Allison Willis and Dr Leslie Skolarus under whose leadership series of town halls were organised to inform ANA members.

The IDEAS Task Force identified four priority work areas:
Priority 1: Addressing the Health Effects of Racism and Adverse Social Determinants of Health
in Neurological Disease
Priority 2: Addressing the Pipeline for Academic Neurology Leadership
Priority 3: Education about Discrimination
Priority 4: Improving Mentorship in Academic Neurology

Dr Sonu M. M. Bhaskar has joined the American Neurological Association (ANA)’s “Addressing the Health Effects of Racism and Social Status in Neurological Disease” Workgroup (focusing on IDEAS Task Force’s Priority 1) for the period 2021-2023.

Dr Bhaskar, through participation in this workgroup, is committed to contributing to, and advocating for, equitable access and delivery for brain health globally.

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