About Us

Our mission is to advance brain, and global, health locally and globally to reduce social inequalities in health.

Global Health Neurology and Translational Neuroscience Lab is an international collaborative research group led by Dr Sonu Bhaskar, MD PhD FANA.

We are a group of passionate clinicians, engineers, and policymakers committed to improving brain, cardiovascular and metabolic health as well as reducing the global burden of neurological, cardiometabolic, and mental (NCM) diseases.

We accomplish this by (i) improving our understanding of underlying mechanisms or pathogenesis of neurological conditions, and (ii) developing innovative solutions to address unmet clinical and global health needs leveraging interdisciplinary approaches from neuroscience, population health, social medicine, and machine learning.

Here is a snapshot of our global efforts in building health systems during and beyond COVID-19.

Dr. Sonu Bhaskar MD Ph.D.’s talk on building resilient health systems during and beyond COVID-19.

We have a translational focus – to unravel underlying mechanisms of neurological diseases, including stroke, as well as to study social determinants of population health, neuro/cardiovascular conditions, and health disparities spanning from macro (social and policy determinants) to individual-level (biomedical/imaging determinants).

Our research is highly interdisciplinary with an intersectoral lens, underpinning preventive medicine and medical humanities, to study social inequalities in health focussing on neurological diseases and cardiometabolic conditions; to examine how social determinants of health mediate the course of these diseases and the quality of life of patients and that of the community, as well as to test the benefit of community-involved and participatory interventions in improving population health. 

Dr. Sonu Bhaskar on the inauguration of NSW Brain Clot Bank on ABC News.
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